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The Flexx Pro has soft flexible shells, instant impulse noise compression, a volume control, 4 different tone settings for maximum customization, AND a waterproof Nano coating!

$1,399.00 + S&H


The Flexx Pro is our flagship product. This unit features the industry's first and only soft flexible shells that provide the most comfortable fit on the market as the material moves and flexes with your ear as you talk, chew, and move your head.  This material is also more dense than the competitors hard acrylic shells, so the Noise Reduction Rating is much higher than our competitors units.  Our soft shells give our units an industry leading 29db NRR.  This unit also comes with a push button AND a separate volume control.  The volume control on each unit gives you the ability to adjust each ear independently, while the push button gives you the ability to change the tone on each ear independently.  Each program gets progressively higher pitched.  So if you have some high frequency hearing loss, this enables you to replace it more efficiently and get the desired tone to help you understand speech, and hear game more clearly.  This gives the Flexx Pro the most customization and field adjustment of any product on the market today.  This unit also features environmental noise filters that virtually eliminate all back ground noise like wind, road, crowd, and machine noise.  The automatic digital feedback canceller eliminates feedback a higher volumes.  The face plate comes in standard beige, blaze orange, or tactical black.  The shells come in almost any color you can think of, and you can choose to get any three colors swirled together as well. 


With the Flexx Pro, you get the best in hearing enhancement with our 12 band digital signal processor, and the protection of our custom fit full shell design.  These units can also be programmed to your specific hearing loss.  All you have to do is return a copy of your latest hearing test with your ear impressions and we'll program them to your hearing. 

Since these units are custom made, an ear impression is needed for each ear for us to make a custom mold.  When you've placed your order, we will ship you a D-I-Y ear impression kit that includes an instruction manual.  This process is easier if you help from a friend or loved one.  If you do not feel comfortable with doing the ear impressions yourself, you can go to the nearest hearing aid center or Audiologist to have them take your ear impressions.  Having your ear impressions done professionally will certainly better your chances of a perfect fit, but will most likely cost you between $40-$100.

The Flexx Pro comes standard with:

Custom sound profiles to fit your hearing (optional)

Automatic Background Noise Filter Eliminates Wind Noise

Waterproof Nano coating

Less than 2% distortion

Impulse noise protection

Units will compress impulse noises above 85db without turning off. Giving you a smoother sound.

This means you can still hear what is happening around you while shooting without damaging your ears when shots are fired. This is great for going to the range, hunting in groups, or talking with your spotter when taking that shot at a trophy.

The passive hearing protection is 29db NRR.

Up to 200 hours of use per battery.

Can temporarily replace hearing aids in a hunting environment.

Electronic anti-feedback control.

Custom fit.

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