Frequently Asked Questions

How are the impressions made for the proper fit?

As you place your order, you may choose to receive an "at-home" impression kit, or you may choose to have the impressions done professionally at any Audiologist, E.N.T., or hearing aid dealer in your area.

With the professional option, you will not receive an "at-home" impression kit, but you will receive a box to return your impressions back to us.  You will also receive an email with a pre paid return label to put on the box provided.  Generally, most professionals will charge you $45-$100 for taking impressions if you chose to get them done professionally.

If you choose to do the impressions yourself, allow 2-6 days for delivery of impression kit. Shipping will normally not take this long unless there are unforeseen weather problems or COVID-19 personnel issues, or Holiday delays. The impression kit includes a detailed instruction guide giving you step by step in the impression taking process and includes packaging for return to Trophy Ear.

If you choose to get the impressions professionally done, the impressions must be sent to Trophy Ear in a BOX, not an envelope or padded envelope. Otherwise, the impressions could be damaged in transit. Once the impressions are received, the manufacturing and shipping process will take 2-6 weeks. We offer a fit guarantee as part of the original warranty.

Do you offer a one-size-fits-all product?

Along with our custom Flexx units, we offer a one-size-fits-all product with our Versa-Fit. This product comes with three sizes of earbuds to choose from for maximum comfort and a better seal to prevent feedback. Although the one-size-fits-all ear pieces will fit most people just fine, there are occasions where custom products are needed in cases where the ear canal is abnormally shaped or if feedback is a problem.

Can I order just a single Trophy Ear unit for one ear?

Yes, you can order just one unit if needed. The default option is two units. The main drawback to only getting one unit is that you are only protecting one ear. Since we have been in the hearing industry for over 40 years, we understand that there are some reasons for only needing one unit. For instance, one ear may be completely deaf, so there is really nothing to protect. Therefore, we will sell only one if it is desired. The price for only one unit will be half of the listed pair price.

Can my custom Flexx units be customized to my hearing loss?

Yes, the custom Flexx units have a programmable circuit that allows us to customize the unit to a particular hearing loss. All you have to do is send us a copy of your hearing test and we will adjust the appropriate frequencies to compensate for that loss.

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